How to prepare your business for Web31 min read

Aralık 8, 2022 1 min read

How to prepare your business for Web31 min read

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The move to Web3 will bring profound changes in how businesses work and interact with their customers.

Web3 technologies, such as blockchain and smart contracts, will inevitably change users’ perspectives on their own data ownership on the axis of decentralization.

In addition, the fact that a concept like Metaverse, which includes almost infinity, will be moved to the centre of our lives soon poses many risks regarding brands and marketing strategies. At the same time, it also contains endless (!) opportunities for brands that love and follow innovation. 

To prepare for this shift, businesses should focus on securing their strategy, bolstering their business model, recognizing the need for help, staying up to date with market developments, and organizing their operations for transition. This may involve migrating to the cloud, updating customer identity management, and exploring new opportunities in areas such as KYC (Know Your Customer) and supply chain management.

I really liked PwC Australia’s article. It will provide a simple and practical introduction, especially if you are a brand manager and have just started to take an interest in the subject. 

I hope you enjoy reading.


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